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Oceans is a stand-alone game in the award-winning Evolution series.

Oceans is an interactive engine builder, where players evolve their species in a continually changing ecosystem. Players must adapt their interconnected ecosystem to survive against the inevitable march of time (Aging), as well as a multitude of predators looking for food. 

During the first half of the game Oceans, players use traits from a deck of Surface cards to modify their species. With only 12 Surface traits, it’s easy to wade into your first game without being overwhelmed by new cards. These traits were chosen for their rich thematic interconnections, providing synergistic card play that mimics an oceanic ecosystem. The Surface traits bring stability to the game environment.

During the second half of the game, players can use power cards from The Deep to disrupt the stability. With over 100 unique traits in The Deep, players will slowly discover game-altering traits over the course of many games. These traits were designed to evoke wonder and disbelief - to spark your imagination as you consider the fantastic synergies that are possible in Oceans.

Additionally, there are 2 randomly chosen scenario cards that activate and deactivate at various points during the game. The scenario cards impact the basic tenets of gameplay, encouraging people to vary their play style and strategy each game.

Contents Oceans:
- 120 surface cards,
- 89 deep cards,
- 200 population tokens,
- 25 scenario cards,
- 24 species boards,
- 1 reef board,
- 1 ocean board,
- 4 player screens,
- 4 bonus tokens,
- 1 cambrian explosion card.

Aantal spelers2-4
Aanbevolen leeftijd12+
Speelduur60-90 min
Merk / UitgeverNorth Star Games
Basisspel / uitbreidingBasisspel

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